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How to make Indian Tea / Chai

Indian Ginger Cardamon Tea / Chai

Ingredients: for two cup tea /chai
1 cup water
1 cup milk
1 spoon black tea leaf , chai pati
Sugar according to taste
A pinch crushed black pepper
1/4 spoon Ginger paste (or crush fresh ginger for approximate amount)
1 Cardamon
A pot to prepare tea
One Sieve, Channi

Step 1: Put the pot on flame and pour water
Step 2: Crush Cardamon and add to the water
Step 3: Add black pepper and ginger paste / crushed ginger to boiling water
Step 4: Add Tea leaf and wait for 2 minutes before you add milk
Step 5: Add sugar according to taste
Step 6: Let is boil for 5 mins on medium flame
Step 7: Filter in a drinking mug /cup using seive/channi

Serve Hot!

OR Follow the recipe in video
Skinny Chef- Indian Chai , cardamon chai tea

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